Me and my city

An exhibition for children made with children. The exhibition is for children aged 2-8 years and their families. In addition, there are courses for kindergartens and 0th classes. In the exhibition, you enter a children's universe – a fantasy town. The shadows live here. They live a hidden life in the city where they collect things. Just like a museum. Things are traces of people and tell stories about those people and their lives. Maybe they sold sausages or sweets? Maybe they hung laundry on a line or put a ladybug to sleep?

The exhibition was made in collaboration with the Rydsmarken kindergarten in Maribo. Together with the museum's inspectors, the children have been exploring their own town, finding things and climbing on ruins. Afterwards, the children visited right up under the ceiling of the secret magazine, and here they chose their objects, things to be exhibited in ME AND MY TOWN.

The exhibition is accompanied by the story of shadows. It is ideal for exploring your own city on your own before visiting the museum.
There are courses for kindergartens and 0th classes. There are both courses with a tour of the exhibition, courses in your own city and a long course with both a tour and a course in your own city. See more on the museum's website here: or book courses at:

The exhibition Me and My City opens on 13 June at the Stiftsmuseet in Maribo and runs until 24 February 2024.

Children in the city
Children in the city
Children in the city


Note: Danish only