Do you think storm surges, floods and climate change are new phenomena?

With the STORM exhibition at the Stiftsmuseet in Maribo, we talk about the storm surges that have left their mark on our landscape and cultural history up through our history. We put special focus on the storm surge in 1872, which is one of the most defining events in Lolland-Falster's history - not only because the destruction was the starting point for large-scale dike construction on the islands, but also because the disaster left a deep mark on the people who experienced it at the nearest team.

In the exhibition, you can experience the poignant, authentic eyewitness accounts in an atmospheric dramatization and learn more about how the storm surge had an impact on both people and the landscape.

The exhibition can be seen during the Stiftsmuseet's opening hours from 1 June 2024.

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