Directorship: Death and Memorial Culture

Experience an exciting lecture about mourning and memorial culture in the 17th and 1800th centuries! On the occasion of this summer's exhibition on grief and death at Reventlow-Museet Pederstrup, the two museum directors, Ulla Schaltz (Museum Lolland-Falster) and Anna Schram Vejlby (Fuglsang Art Museum) talk about grief and memorial culture. Ulla Schaltz talks about customs and usage in connection with death and burial with […]

Lecture: Dead and buried for 300 years

Are you afraid of death? Join us on a journey through 300 years of history of death and funeral rites. The lecture tells about faith and superstition in connection with the visitation of death, funeral rituals, eerie tombstones and about when the world went black. Lecturer: Ulla Schaltz. The lecture lasts approx. 1 hour and coffee / tea and cake are served. Subsequently […]


Note: Danish only