Director time: Lecture on LA Ring

Painting by LA Ring. Misty winter day in Vinderød

Experience an exciting double lecture with the museum directors from Fuglsang Art Museum and Museum Lolland-Falster! Museum Lolland-Falster and Fuglsang Art Museum have started a new tradition: the lecture series Director Time. In this lecture, you can hear about the artist LA Ring and his paintings from around 1900, where modern life meets traditional country living. The new railway intersects […]

Lecture: Voodoo and religion in the Caribbean

Most people have heard of zombies, but what is it really all about? This evening you can hear an exciting lecture about voodoo and African religions in the 1700th and 1800th century Caribbean. Come along when museum inspector and expert in the Danish West Indies, Louise Sebro, takes you on a fascinating journey from Africa to the religious communities of the plantation villages. […]

Lecture: Ghosts and Apparitions

Have you experienced something that you couldn't explain? A sound, a smell, something that moved just beyond the reach of the eye? If so, you are not alone. The vast majority of people have at one time or another experienced something in their lives that they call, for lack of a better word, 'ghosts'. But what is it […]

Birgittadagen: Hear about Margrethe 1.

Author Anne-Lise Marstrand Jørgensen talks about her novel about Margrethe the 1st. Organized in connection with the Birgittadagen in Maribo. The lecture will be held in Sognets Hus, Kirkestræde 6, 4930 Maribo. Read more about Birgittadays: Prices Reservation fee: DKK. 5

Special event: Stormfloden 1872

We mark the 150th anniversary of Stormfloden 1872 with an event out of the ordinary! On 13 November 1872, Denmark experienced one of the biggest natural disasters in the country's history, when a rare and powerful hurricane from the east caused the water level in the Baltic Sea to rise to a height of more than 3 metres. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of […]

Lecture: Dead and buried for 300 years

Are you afraid of death? Join us on a journey through 300 years of history of death and funeral rites. The lecture tells about faith and superstition in connection with the visitation of death, funeral rituals, eerie tombstones and about when the world went black. Lecturer: Ulla Schaltz. The lecture lasts approx. 1 hour and coffee / tea and cake are served. Subsequently […]


Note: Danish only