Close-up on dark background of face, with wet hair hanging down in front.

Do you think storm surges, floods and climate change are new phenomena? With the STORM exhibition at the Stiftsmuseet in Maribo, we talk about the storm surges that have left their mark on our landscape and cultural history up through our history. We put special focus on the storm surge in 1872, which is one of the most defining events in Lolland-Falster's history [...]

Education, play and learning - free school course 

Picture collage with a werewolf, children at school at the outdoor museum and the Stone Age girl Lola.

Come to school in the old days, where you can learn about life in Denmark in the 1800th century, play with Lola – the girl from the Stone Age, who is about life in ancient times, or throw yourself into the creepy True Detective Club, where you have to work with faith and superstition through time. At Museum Lolland-Falster we have […]

Country wedding – Feeling or sense? 

Arrangement with kiss, brandy glass, top hat and ear of corn

Visit the farm, where wedding preparations have been made. Widower and farm owner Niels is to marry Ane, and they mark the day with everything a farmer's wedding can pull. The whole village is invited and no expense has been spared. There is good food, fiddler music and, not least, plenty of beer and brandy. But how was […]

Madkulturprojekt shares inspiring experiences

Project manager Vibeke Knöchel Christensen, project manager Anna-Elisabeth Jensen and museum director Ulla Schaltz each with a copy of the project Spis Ma/eD's white book

From left, project manager Vibeke Knöchel Christensen, project manager Anna-Elisabeth Jensen and museum director Ulla Schaltz. Photo: Museum Lolland-Falster. For three years, we have put the historical food culture of the South Sea Islands into play, and we have now published the white book SPIS Ma/eD: Food culture, education and communities. It conveys the experiences from the large food culture project that the museum has carried out together with Kost Studio, supported […]

WOW – free annual pass!

A stack of annual tickets to Museum Lolland-Falster

On Monday 25 March you can become the lucky owner of a free annual pass with a companion to Museum Lolland-Falster. The first 25 who visit the Stiftsmuseet, Museum Obscurum or De Gamle Huse respectively and buy an entrance ticket to the site will receive a free card. Then you can't get enough of Museum Lolland-Falster, [...]

Extended theme about witches at Museum Obscurum

Various remedies for making witch's brew

In the Museum Obscurum, from 25 March you can delve even deeper into the history of witches, witch hunts and magic. In addition to a new interior and updating of the witches' room, the room inside is used to tell about witch hunts in Denmark, torture and executions - and not least the story of Denmark's last official witch trial: Anne Palles from Falster. As […]

Museum reform may weaken the museums in Lolland-Falster

Aerial view of De Gamle Huse, Maribo's open-air museum

By Michael Fagerlund, chairman of the board of Museum Lolland-Falster, and museum director Ulla Schaltz. For years there has been a great desire to create a transparent distribution of state subsidies to the state-recognised Danish museums. It is therefore positive that there is now a report that the museums can relate to. It is positive that the [...]

Sous chef Anna-Elisabeth Jensen is honored with the Julius Bomholt prize

Anna-Elisabeth Jensen with her book Dania Slavica

It's a big day for Museum Lolland-Falster, and we're having a hard time keeping our arms down from just cheering. The joy is because the Ministry of Culture's prestigious research prize, the Julius Bomholt prize 2023, goes to deputy director at Museum Lolland-Falster, Anna Elisabeth Jensen. The award is given for innovative research of the highest quality and in recognition of an outstanding research effort. She receives […]

The Museum Obscurum and the Stiftsmuseet are reducing their opening hours

Museum Obscurum

Tourism and museums have gone hand in hand for more than 10 years, with tourist information housed at the Stiftsmuseet in Maribo and the Museum Obscurum in Nykøbing Falster, but from January 2024, XNUMX, that will end, and this will have consequences for the museums' opening hours. From now on, the Museum Obscurum is closed for the entire month of January and is open […]

Help us document the 2023 storm surge

The dyke on Lolland's south coast as it looked during the 2023 storm surge

We want to document this year's storm surge while the memories are fresh and there are still things that tell about the events. We want to document how the storm surge affects Lolland and Falster, and we need your help. Do you have photos that show the impact of weather and water on your property and the landscape? Do you have a story about the storm surge […]


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