Culture pass for young people - a debate post

Young people visiting the Reventlow-Museet Pederstrup where they meet people in the costume of the time.

We at Museum Lolland-Falster are positive about the government's proposal to set aside DKK 140 million for cultural passes for particularly vulnerable young people, but we doubt that a cultural pass and free access to cultural experiences alone will make any significant difference. It is not the price that deters them from seeking out cultural offerings. If you simply give […]

The Darkest Night

The Mother's Night

Become a ghost hunter at the open-air museum De Gamle Huse on the evening of 17 + 18 October 2023. Several people have experienced mysterious and inexplicable events when they have visited the museum. There have been mentions of ghosts, farmhands and former residents with an unfinished task. But is there something to the conversation? You can now help find […]

Cultural night in the Museum Obscurum

Illustration for Culture Night in Museum Obscurum with SC Rödder.

Friday 29 September is Culture Night in Museum Obscurum. We bring Cornelius' living room to life between 19.30pm and 21.30pm! Enter the dark, mysterious apartment and meet Cornelius' family in the living room. Cornelius opens a box of exciting and enigmatic items for his collection and tells stories from his many incredible travels. Tarot cards are laid [...]

The plant hut at the outdoor museum

Interior from De Gamle Huse

In Havehuset you can now delve into the story of 1800th-century textiles and textile production. Get the story of how wool and linen became clothing, how plants gave clothes beautiful colors and what the people wore for everyday life and parties. Get an insight into local regional details, the differences in men's and women's clothing and how children [...]

Picnic in the Reventlow park

Picnic basket with contents

Pack your own picnic basket and enjoy it in the Reventlow park We have a new offer at the Reventlow Museum. Here you can now put together your very own delicious picnic basket, which you can then enjoy in the beautiful manor park. Everything your heart desires is here, so there is plenty of opportunity to have a delicious lunch or afternoon snack. Here […]

Me and my city - new exhibition at Stiftsmuseet

Colorful drawing of square in a city. There are various old houses around it and a view of the water.

New exhibition for the little ones at the Stiftsmuseet Take the little ones by the hand and dive into the exhibition Me and my city at the Stiftsmuseet in Maribo. The exhibition is an obvious idea for a family outing, where you can explore a city that could be yours. Meet the shadows who grow very old and who love [...]

New for children: Meet Kristian and the cousins

Drawing of small creatures with flower hats.

When you visit De Gamle Huse, you can go exploring with the boy Kristian and his friend, the mouse Rasmus. The two cronies are on the hunt for the mysterious cousins ​​who, to Kristian's great regret, have moved into his village. He has heard that they can be some cunning creatures that you shouldn't [...]

Become a volunteer at Museum Lolland-Falster

One of the museum's volunteers wearing an old costume sits by the knitting in one of the old houses at the open-air museum.

If you love information, local history and museums, become a volunteer at Museum Lolland-Falster. Over the course of a season, Museum Lolland-Falster collaborates with a wide range of passionate volunteers whose expert knowledge and commitment are a great asset to the museum. These volunteers are active in connection with the museum's events, where they e.g. sells food and drinks, [...]

Formidable season in Færgestræde

Interior from Den Gamle Købmandhandel and the Tourist Information in Færgestræde

It has been a particularly good season for Museum Lolland-Falster's branch in Færgestræde, which consists of Museum Obscurum, Den Gamle Købmandhandel and Nykøbing Falster Tourist Information, which is run by the museum. In 2022, all three locations had a significant increase in visitor numbers compared to 2021. A total of 17.466 people visited the departments in Færgestræde last year, which […]

Borrow the Riding House at Pederstrup

The riding house with covered tables

Loan from the Riding House at the Reventlow Museum for cultural events in the summer of 2023 Do you have a good idea for an exciting event that will fit into the Riding House in the Reventlow Park? Can your event help create life and draw people to our beautiful spot in Vestlolland? Does your idea need a large room that [...]


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