Borrow the Riding House at Pederstrup

The riding house with covered tables

Loan from the Riding House at the Reventlow Museum for cultural events in the summer of 2023 Do you have a good idea for an exciting event that will fit into the Riding House in the Reventlow Park? Can your event help create life and draw people to our beautiful spot in Vestlolland? Does your idea need a large room that [...]

New museum moves one step closer

It's no secret. We want a new framework to tell the history of Lolland and Falster. Now we have come a small step closer to fulfilling our dreams. Today Guldborgsund Municipality published its vision plan for Bastebrohuset, prepared by E+N Arkitekter, which is a new cultural city on the harbor in Nykøbing Falster. Here is the plan, [...]

Escape Room – exhilarating Christmas entertainment

Are you tired of traditional Christmas games and need a fun kick? Have you been lying down too much and need to touch up the little grays? Or do you really just want to challenge your family with a fun and different experience? Then Museum Lolland-Falster has the perfect Christmas offer for you. In […]

English tea room in the Czar's House

The Czar's House has a new tenant. Her name is Alka-Lea Margerison, and on the first of December she will open Higgledy Piggledy's Vintage Tea Room. It is an old-fashioned English tea room created according to classic British traditions. At Museum Lolland-Falster, we are very happy to have found a new tenant for Czarens Hus, and we look forward to a [...]

Director time: Lecture on LA Ring

Painting by LA Ring. Misty winter day in Vinderød

Experience an exciting double lecture with the museum directors from Fuglsang Art Museum and Museum Lolland-Falster! Museum Lolland-Falster and Fuglsang Art Museum have started a new tradition: the lecture series Director Time. In this lecture, you can hear about the artist LA Ring and his paintings from around 1900, where modern life meets traditional country living. The new railway intersects […]

Christmas shop in Langgade

Visit the city's nicest Christmas shop in Langgade, where you will find everything the Christmas heart and palate desires. In a little while, the big countdown to a handful of days filled with red hats, glitter-dusted baubles, the smell of fir, traditions and coziness in the presence of friends and family will begin, and right in the middle of Nykøbing, the museum has dedicated an entire shop [...]

Dania Slavica: New book about Wenders and Danes

We know them from the myths, the bloodthirsty and pagan Wenders who plundered the southern Danish coasts until Bishop Absalon and King Valdemar the Great conquered their castle on the island of Rügen, converted them to Christianity and burned the statue of their idol Svantevit. This is how the well-known, but rather stereotypical story of Danes and Wenders in the Viking Age and the early [...]

The Augustinus Foundation supports research

Braided fence, which was part of a stationary fishing system in Syltholm Fjord in the Stone Age. The Augustinus Foundation supports research into prehistoric fishing with DKK 2,2 million. What fish did lollipops of the past catch and how did they do it? Researchers from Museum Lolland-Falster now have the opportunity to investigate this in the SylFish project thanks to DKK 2,2 million in support [...]

Owls overthrew the Museum Obscurum 

Photo: Rikke Mangelsen It has been the best-visited autumn holiday in Museum Obscurum and the shop in Færgestræde in memory. A total of 2000 guests stopped by during the holiday. There were an average of about 300 visitors a day, but on Friday in week 42, 649 dropped in. They came to experience Jette Jørgensen and her [...]

New presentation at Museum Obscurum

Child looking at a collection of objects on a table in the Museum Obscurum

Over the summer of 2022, Museum Obscurum has been given an overhaul: new texts have been added to all the rooms - and then a surprise has been added, which will only be revealed in the last room of the exhibition. "Museum Obscurum opened in 2017, and although we - and our guests - have been really happy with the exhibition, [...]


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