Wedding – the beginning of a new life?

Drawing by Christian and Frederikke Reventlow

We are celebrating the 250th anniversary with an exhibition that sheds light on weddings, wedding fashion and marriage throughout history. From the enchanting and carefully reconstructed wedding dress of 1774, worn by Frederikke, to a range of wedding dresses worn by modern ladies of the manor over the past 50 years. The exhibition delves into the universe of weddings, love and dress fashion, but the […]

The Reventlow Museum is getting a makeover before opening

Makeover before opening

The first look through the Reventlow Museum's large double doors will be a completely new experience in 2023. Right now the painters are in the process of putting the entrance hall in order and it will be unrecognizable again. The walls take on a beautiful yellow color and panels, windows and doors turn light grey. But not only that, […]

Become a volunteer at Museum Lolland-Falster

One of the museum's volunteers wearing an old costume sits by the knitting in one of the old houses at the open-air museum.

If you love information, local history and museums, become a volunteer at Museum Lolland-Falster. Over the course of a season, Museum Lolland-Falster collaborates with a wide range of passionate volunteers whose expert knowledge and commitment are a great asset to the museum. These volunteers are active in connection with the museum's events, where they e.g. sells food and drinks, [...]

Borrow the Riding House at Pederstrup

The riding house with covered tables

Loan from the Riding House at the Reventlow Museum for cultural events in the summer of 2023 Do you have a good idea for an exciting event that will fit into the Riding House in the Reventlow Park? Can your event help create life and draw people to our beautiful spot in Vestlolland? Does your idea need a large room that [...]

Autumn activities for the whole family! 

Children stand in front of the forest child

The autumn holidays are just around the corner and at Museum Lolland-Falster week 42 is packed with fun experiences for the whole family! The open-air museum De Gamle Huse in Maribo invites you to pleasant autumn days for the whole family with fun activities all week. Meet the Stone Age girl Lola at the Diocesan Museum in Maribo. Follow in her footsteps, see the amazing finds and get closer [...]

Special event: Hunting Day

What does it mean when the hunting dog walks? What is a half drawer? And what does an animal do when it eats? On October 20, the Reventlow Museum gets hunting fever! Watch a falcon display in the park and get warm in the kitchen when the big, old wood-burning stove is lit. We serve hunting stories and delicious tastings for both young and old. […]

EGN event: Dinner at Jægeren's

Join us for an unforgettable evening of hunting! EGN and Reventlow-Museet Pederstrup offer a few pleasant evening hours in the hunting company, where we will enjoy a wonderful hunting dinner made with local game and green ingredients. The entire dinner is prepared by our skilled EGN chef on the manor kitchen's original wood-burning stove. We promise you a completely […]

Special event: Christmas at the manor

Again this year, the Reventlow Museum opens its doors for an atmospheric visit to a Christmas-decorated Pederstrup! Experience how the Reventlow family may have decorated for Christmas in the early 1800s - and dream back to the Christmas party in 1860 when you enter the large Christmas tree in the manor hall. Feel the atmosphere and the scent of candles, [...]


Lykke og Fremgang newest performance in the Ridehuset in Reventlowparken Now it's time for the third performance to be staged at Lolland and Falster of 'Lykke & Fremgang'. This time it is a performance about the local landowner and freedom fighter Monica Wichfeld. We meet Monica and her family as they return to […]

Directorship: Death and Memorial Culture

Experience an exciting lecture about mourning and memorial culture in the 17th and 1800th centuries! On the occasion of this summer's exhibition on grief and death at Reventlow-Museet Pederstrup, the two museum directors, Ulla Schaltz (Museum Lolland-Falster) and Anna Schram Vejlby (Fuglsang Art Museum) talk about grief and memorial culture. Ulla Schaltz talks about customs and usage in connection with death and burial with […]


Note: Danish only